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Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy offers a way to heal in a shared space with individuals who are going through similar life processes. This type of therapy focuses on interpersonal relationships and the personal growth that can happen within the group format. Karen Stefano, Ed.M., M.A., LPC, NCC offers group psychotherapy in Charles Town, WV and Winchester, VA.

All of our lives are influenced by group dynamics. It’s important to be aware of how we communicate, with our families and friends, in the workplace, and with people in our everyday life. If there are feelings, emotions, or expectations that are carried forward from past relationships, they will show up in the present. Group psychotherapy underscores these issues, helping to change long-standing embedded and habitual patterns.

In an atmosphere of trust, safety, and mutual respect, group therapy offers many benefits, including finding one’s voice through the expression of feelings and thoughts; learning how to listen more deeply to other people’s feelings and thoughts; experiencing how other people see you; sorting out healthy boundaries; improving interpersonal communication skills; increasing empathy; and addressing feelings of isolation and depression. Ultimately, gaining new insights into one’s social behavior helps to cultivate a more authentic expression of self, and inspire living a more nourishing and inclusive life.

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