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Family counseling

Family counseling helps families of all types gain greater insight into their behavioral patterns, belief systems, differing perspectives and needs. Family relationships are complex. Involving the entire family in this type of therapeutic process is invaluable because everyone has an opportunity to share their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in a safe and non-judgmental environment. During family counseling we will work together to develop tools that can facilitate more effective communication.

Family counseling brings awareness to familial matters stemming from unacknowledged grief, sorrow, anger, and trauma. Our work together can also addresses issues that have been passed down from previous generations (in what we term intergenerational trauma.) In counseling we will explore the inner workings of the family system, and look at the stressors facing each individual in order to understand how it impacts family dynamics.

This type of counseling is designed to restore trust, safety, boundaries, and healthy relationships within the family. In a session, the family sits together and each person has time to talk about their feelings and concerns. Through this kind of exploration, each individual develops an understanding of the primary conflicts and issues the family is facing. By developing a more effective form of communication, in addition to deep listening skills, issues can be addressed in a more empathetic fashion allowing understanding, forgiveness, and healing to take place.