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Karen Stefano: Counselor. Artist. Educator

Upload: December 5, 2016Drawing on the synergy of expressive arts and counseling, Karen Stefano brings together the artistry of her creative work as a trained sculptor and painter, and her many years as a licensed professional counselor. Stefano has been working with the Tissue Paper Collage process since the mid-1980s, a method that reveals the symbolic language of the unconscious. She trained with world-renowned Jungian analyst Dr. Edith Wallace who developed the Tissue Paper Collage Method in the 1970s. One of the few individuals qualified to continue the work developed by Dr. Wallace, Stefano continues to teach the collage process at seminars and conferences around the world.

Upload: November 3, 2016

Stefano is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor and Bioenergetic Analyst, with extensive training in Psychodynamic Therapy, Depth Psychology, Social Dreaming Matrix and Median Group Process. She is in private practice in Charles Town, West Virginia. Stefano met Dr. Wallace in 1981 at an Elizabeth Bennett retreat in West Virginia. Dr. Wallace was a role model and strong influence in Stefano’s life. They spent many years discussing art, writing, shamanism, healing, active imagination, psychological and spiritual development, and their own spiritual quests. Dr. Wallace became Karen’s mentor and surrogate mother. Their relationship was rich and loving, and they were close until the time of Edith’s passing.

Enchanted with the Tissue Paper Collage process, Stefano began organizing Dr. Wallace’s semi-annual Santa Fe collage playshop’s in the 1990s, as well as assisting Dr. Wallace in the development and management of them. Karen is one of three people approved by Dr. Wallace to lead playshop’s in the United States and abroad.

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