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Individual Counseling

What Are The Benefits Of Individual Counseling?

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Individual counseling gives the client an opportunity to discover deeper insights into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and aids in developing a personalized toolbox of healing strategies and coping skills. Individual counseling also allows the client and therapist to build a trusting and compassionate relationship within a safe and confidential setting.

Within the boundaries of an individual therapeutic session, the client moves at his or her own pace and can freely explore the internal conflicts, feelings, and emotional challenges experienced in their lives, such as grief, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma related struggles, and attachment issues.

What Should I Expect From My Appointments?

woman at peace on lakeThe process I use in individual counseling blends psychodynamic psychotherapy, active imagination, dream work, and expressive art, which includes exploring images through collage making and writing. Overall, my therapeutic approach is somatic, existential, and influenced by Jungian ideas.

This style of counseling creates a unique synthesis allowing for deeper levels of integration, wholeness, and well-being. I work collaboratively with every client to help them to cultivate resilience and actualize their full potential.

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