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Grief Counseling

What Is Grief Counseling?

Grief is a natural expression of loss and something we all experience in our lives. There are many types of losses, both personal and collective, that deeply affect us: death of a beloved pet; loss of our dreams; betrayal of the body in dealing with serious illness; death of a friend, spouse, or child; marital separation and divorce; loss of a job, and many other losses that stem from life-changing events. There is also ecological grief, losses felt for dying ecosystems and many species of animals that are going or have gone extinct.

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What Are The Benefits Of Grief Counseling?

Grieving is an important and healthy process when allowed it’s full expression. However, when grief is repressed it can negatively affect us, often resulting in depression, numbing, guilt, regret, or anger. Grief counseling offers an exploration into the losses one has experienced and the accompanying emotions and feelings. It’s crucial to have the right support when opening into grief work so stories of loss can be witnessed in a caring environment. Uncovering and expressing feelings around loss is instrumental in connecting to one’s inner resilience and vitality.

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