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Create. Transform. Renew.

Tap into your inner-source through the art and play of collage...

Collages have long been a method of creative art, dating back to 12th-century Japan. Today, the collage practice has the unique power to transcend a simple activity to become an outlet for discovery, healing, wisdom, and re-connecting with our true potential.

Tissue Paper Collage Playshops now propel this storied art-form in an inspiring new direction, one that allows for a satisfying exploration of our psyche, what C.G. Jung calls the Self. In fact, the practice is based on an innovative approach to Jung's "active imagination," a technique devised to help a client access information, emotions, and feelings hidden in the unconscious. Using images that emerge from our inner world, a more authentic and organic self-awareness is revealed to us. As our inner world is opened, we are given a brand-new lens through which to view and live our lives.

A Retreat for Renewal and Transformation...

Meeting life with a fresh perspective and with revitalized energy, you will uncover a new direction, reconnect with your passion, and reduce your negative responses to stress.

The Collage Connection Playshop: More than Collage Making...

The Collage Connection Playshop is one of those rare chances to relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover your creative side. It is also an opportunity for mental heath professionals to directly experience, and learn how to integrate expressive art therapy into their practice.

  • Prepare for the playshop by writing the story of your life in the form of a myth or a fairy-tale
  • Explore various forms of movement and somatic awareness
  • Take part in group meditations
  • Create a variety of tissue-paper collages to bring home at the close of the playshop
  • Have the chance to take long walks, solo or in groups, through the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

11 benefits to The Collage Collection experience...

  1. Access a doorway to the unconscious
  2. Transform and integrate various emotions through tearing, placing and gluing
  3. Diffuse anxiety and stress
  4. Unlock creativity and find new solutions to old dilemmas
  5. Develop a deeper sense of empathy
  6. Develop valuable inner strength for adapting to the uncertainties of our time
  7. Be inspired and reconnect to a sense of beauty
  8. "Think" with your hands
  9. Working in a group, find a sense of community
  10. Express in image, color, movement, story and sound
  11. Access innocence and the child-self via play