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Upload: May 6, 2016Karen Stefano, Ed.M., M.A., L.P.C., NCC, is an artist and practicing Licensed Professional Counselor. A trained sculptor and painter, she also draws on the synergy of expressive arts and counseling. Working with individuals, couples and groups - her approach is somatic, existential, and influenced by Jungian ideas.

Karen has been leading Collage Playshops around the world for more than 20 years. Bringing together the artistry of her creative work (she is a trained sculptor and painter), psychotherapy, and the quest for higher meaning, Karen's goal is to establish unity between body, mind and spirit. She has studied various applications of spirit and psychodynamic therapy, depth psychology and social dreaming matrix. Studying with many great teachers along the way, Karen has synthesized a creative and effective way of working with clients both individually and in groups. Karen trained with Dr. Edith Wallace, the world-renowned Jungian analyst who developed The Tissue Paper Collage Method more than 30 years ago. Karen is one of the few individuals qualified to continue the work developed by Dr. Wallace.

Karen is a co-founder of the DuVersity, a non-profit educational organization devoted to building bridges between psychology and spirituality. She currently holds a private practice in Charles Town, West Virginia, and conducts her Playshop annually.

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